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Aethos is a specialist unit in conflict transformation, counter-terrorism and stabilisation, designed specifically to meet strategic objectives in complex, unstable and conflict environments.

The directors of Aethos have worked at national and senior corporate level planning and implementing strategic campaigns on several continents – in the fields of counter-terrorism, counter-radicalisation, stabilisation, counter-insurgency, civil society cohesion, political reconciliation and electoral support.

Our approach puts an understanding of the dynamics of behavioural and societal change at the heart of analysis, strategy and programme execution. Aethos delivers all the components of a strategic campaign in order to achieve long-term security, political, and developmental objectives. We employ the multiple disciplines of strategic planning, research and analysis, social sciences, professional communications, capacity building, training and programme management.

Aethos is a division of Aegis Defence Services Ltd, a leading global security and risk management group with project experience in over 60 countries.

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Aethos is a trading name of Aegis Defence Services Limited (registered in England with company number 04541965) whose registered office is at 1 London Bridge, London, SE1 9BG